Innovative PrEstoCloud solutions for real-life challenges

While being a cutting-edge research project, dealing with difficult and fundamental computer science problems, the PrEstoCloud project aims to provide effective solutions for real-life challenges. Resolving these challenges will provide better security through video surveillance with our ADITESS partner, more efficient and secure good delivery through logistic with our CVS partner and citizen participation to medias with our LIV partner. For instance, in the logistic use case, a vehicle driver’s profile will be established and provided back to the driver through in-vehicle screen as well as to the logistic center. In the surveillance use case audio analysis on real time will allow to detect abnormal events (e.g. screaming, gun shots) and starts streaming video back from multiple camera to a human-monitored regional processing unit.

For each of these challenges the PrEstoCloud project will bring beyond state of the art multi-cloud technologies that aim to impact on intensive data applications which are using cloud and edge resources. Cloud resources are computing capabilities provided by computer servers hosted in private and/or publicly available data-centers. Edge resources are computing capabilities provided by devices such as smartphones, small computers connected to camera sensors and microphones, or specific embedded systems installed in logistic vehicles.

The PrEstoCloud have defined a set of technical components that together are composing a Platform as a whole. We have defined a breakdown of the different services that the platform can suggest to applications. Addressing the above challenges will allow to experiment and validate these services and technical components through a gradual strategy. Indeed, we have defined three main milestones for the evaluation and elaborate on the evaluation plan based on iso-25000 standard per milestone.