Plenary Meeting in Darmstadt

After the successful review in Brussels in September, PrEstoCloud now has tracked the feedback of the reviewers and goes highly motivated and focused into the last project year. This concern was the focus of the PrEstoCloud Plenary Meeting, which was held on 11-12 December in Darmstadt. At the host Software AG, the team has brought each other up to date with the latest developments.

The pilots have done tremendous developments and are on home straight for first evaluation. These are planned and discussed for early 2019. Although main objective and one of the most interesting parts of PrEstoCloud, not only technical topics where presented, discussed and coordinated. Also a large step towards exploitation of the developed components and results has been made during the plenary. As well upcoming dissemination and communication activities has been planned and set up. Having more and more presentable results we will enter a new stage of visibility. After a challenging and successful year reflecting reached results we are confident and are looking for a highly promising final year of PrEstoCloud.

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