PrEstoCloud Webinar

On November 29, 2019 at 5 p.m. CET the PrEstoCloud Webinar will take place. It can be joined via website:

OBJECTIVE: Nowadays, different types of computing-intensive services such as mechanical, aerospace, civil and environmental applications are often deployed on the cloud since it offers a convenient on-demand model for renting resources and easy-to-use elastic infrastructures. Moreover, the modern software engineering disciplines exploit orchestration tools such as PrEstoCloud to run cloud applications based on a set of microservices packaged in containers. On the one hand, in order to ensure the users’ experience, it is necessary to allocate enough number of container instances before the workload intensity surges at runtime. On the other hand, renting expensive cloud-based resources can be unaffordable over a long period of time. Therefore, the choice of a reactive auto-scaling method may significantly affect both response time and resource utilisation. This webinar presents a set of key factors which should be considered in the development of auto-scaling methods.

– Introduction to the PrEstoCloud project
– The PrEstoCloud Consortium
– Microservices architecture
– Proposed key influencing auto-scaling factors
– Empirical evaluation
– Discussion

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