LiveU using PrEstoCloud technology

LiveU network topology consists of configurable clusters of broadcasting possibilities that enable reporters to have the flexibility to stream their video to range of broadcasters URL’s and SDI cards. Control path is centralized, well known and, therefore, exposed to cyber attacks.

LiveU using PrEstoCloud technology is leading the practical. Basing on PrEstoCloud technology, LiveU will generate consolidated user-space rules to properly seal possible security leaks.

Using eBPF and XDP technologies, where the later enable hooking driver-space and named eXpress DataPath, LiveU is developing enhanced filters which will be enforce in minimum latency. In order to create Userspace eBPF (optionaly running as VM), LiveU has set clang-llvm compiler for generating filters. PrEsToCloud enables to attach those filters directly to the micro-services and the actual loading occurs on the associated hw.

LiveU is aiming to dynamically adjust those filters acourding to out dynamically video-providers <-> broadcasters association.