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Newsletter March 2018 - Issue 2

Message from the Coordinator

Hello everybody,

I invite you to accompany us taking the next step into the world of PrEstoCloud, which stands for an efficient exploitation of infrastructural resources from edge devices to the clouds. Having successfully mastered our first project review spotlighting the technical architecture, we venture out to showcasing a first prototype in summer.

We update you on the latest progress on our semantic model with its three crucial benefits. You also get an insight into various events within the project as well as events where PrestoCloud partners participated and presented first views and results. Last but not least, come with us to look at the future with the upcoming events.

I'm pleased to present the second project e-newsletter and hope that you'll find this e-publication useful and of course we welcome your feedback! Enjoy reading and stay curious!

With best regards,

Dirk Mayer, Software AG
Project Coordinator

Our Project Team

The consortium unites a total of eleven partner organizations from industry and research.

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PrEstoCloud Architecture and Technologies

PrEstoCloud Semantic Model

In order to deploy transparently the critical parts of a Big Data application to the most adequate candidate resources from multiple cloud providers and edge, the PrEstoCloud approach is based on an extensible semantic model. This model describes the associations between Big Data processing types, data-intensive application fragmentations (i.e. meaningful separations of code elements for separate deployment), fragments’ distribution constraints and potential workload estimations according to the characteristics of Big Data streams (i.e. Velocity, Volume, Variety).

This model will be instantiated from code annotation provided by application developers, and the obtained information will be used by the appropriate recommenders of the Meta-management layer of the PrEstoCloud platform in order to implement the distributed deployment and reconfiguration of data-intensive applications on multi-cloud and edge resources. The role of our model includes the following benefits:

  • It allows application developers or DevOps to define hosting and reconfiguration requirements in a way that is exploitable by the advanced decision making mechanisms of the PrEstoCloud platform and usable by the control mechanisms that implement the deployment or adaptation decisions.
  • It provides a common medium for describing both multi-cloud and edge related hosting requirements.
  • It complements the development toolkit of cloud application developers with the capability to guide the partitioning and deployment of application code into fine-grain application fragments (i.e. microservices, classes, methods).

The PrEstoCloud consortium has decided to use and potentially extend or reconfigure the OASIS standard “Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA)” in order to communicate model instance between the different component of the PrEstoCloud architecture.

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PrEstoCloud on Tour

PrEstoCloud meeting in Nicosia
PrEstoCloud project meeting was held on November 7-8, 2017 in Nicosia. Intensive discussion where conducted at both design and implementation levels. Consortium had established the path to obtain a meaningful prototype for the next milestone. The objective is to investigate the research results obtained in the project and to validate the design and implementation choices taken to build the PrEstoCloud architecture. The surveillance, media and telematics use cases were being mapped to the various technology assets in order to have a better understanding of each use case's specific validation potential.

FeelTheFuture round table
The Evropski parliament Slovenija organized an innovation round table in Ljubljana on October 13, 2017. Marija Kokelj of CVS Mobile, representing Marko Grobelnik, JSI, Digital champion of Slovenia participated in the FeelTheFuture ministerial event on Digital European Agenda and its potential.

Paris Open Source Summit 2017
The Paris Open Source Summit, the leading european event about free and open source software, occurred on 5-6 December, 2017. Its ambition is to expose the technological innovations, the reality and the economic dynamism of its solutions and their societal impacts. At this event, Activeeon held an exhibition space for two days, where the PrEstoCloud project and relevant Activeeon products were presented. The PrEstoCloud project was highlighted through a presentation at the session "FLOSS and Collaborative Innovation" about collaborative R&D publicly funded projects to highlight success factors and the role of open source software in facilitating open innovation.
Slides of the presentation

ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2017
Dr. Quentin Jacquemart, from CNRS, presented a poster about PrEstoCloud result in the ACM Internet Measurement Conference on 1-3 November in London, UK. The work presented allows to measure available bandwidth between different data centers, using a much cheaper approach than the traditional iperf tool. Indeed, iperf relies on bulk transfers, which can prove costly in pay-as-you-go IaaSs. The proposed approach is based on the Pathload tool, and runned controlled experiments with Mininet. The observed results demonstrate that Pathload results were often similar to those of iperf, but with more time variability.

PrEstoCloud meeting in Cannes
A PrEstoCloud project meeting was hosted by CNRS in Cannes, France on February 6-8, 2018. The consortium extensively discussed the comments resulting from the first review in order to better position itself with respect to competing technologies. Beyond the progress on technical components and the definition of the technical requirements for all use cases, the main topic of focus was the definition of a proof of concept prototype able to showcase key features of the PrEstoCloud platform. Technical partners agreed on integration technologies, use cases partners agreed on a first iteration milestone for their use cases, and all agreed on milestones for the first iteration of the integration.

Upcoming Events

  • March 19-21 in Funchal, Portugal: the paper untitled "Challenges and Research Directions in Big Data-driven Cloud Adaptivity" will be presented in CLOSER 2018
  • March 20-22 in Paris, France: Activeon will present the PrEstoCloud project activities in Cloud Expo Europe 2018
  • May 1-4 in Washington, DC, USA: CNRS will present a paper at the 18th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2018)
  • July 23-25 in Zakynthos, Greece: ICCS will organize the iSSCLOUD workshop on intelligent systems and services for cloud accessible, data-intensive computing, part of IISA 2018, the 9th International Conference in Information, Intelligence, Systems and Application

Dissemination Material

Related Project Links

  • CloudLighting (CloudLightning: self-organising and self-managing heterogeneous cloud -, now in its final year, is delivering a Service Oriented Architecture for the heterogeneous cloud which moves the management burden from the customer to the provider. PrEstoCloud aims to further support the provider with tools for efficient management of cloud and edge resources.
  • COLA (Cloud Orchestration at the level of application -, a project that started together with PrEstocloud, will define and provide a reference implementation of a generic and pluggable framework that supports the optimal and secure deployment and run-time orchestration of cloud applications. PrEstoCloud has a similar goal with a focus on hybrid clouds that include also resources at the extreme edge of the network.

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