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Newsletter October 2018 - Issue 3

Message from the Coordinator

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the latest issue of the PrEstoCloud Newsletter. Having published more than ten papers, developed a first integration platform and a surveillance prototype as well as having participated in countless European conferences and events, this mid-term review shows that we are on the right track and are entering an exciting phase. The surveillance pilot is now ready for demonstration. We achieved the next development and implementation steps in the area of real-time anomaly detection as well as driver profiling in the logistics application.

In today's issue we are pleased to be able to share more details with you, such as the description of our Function as a Service feature as the PrEstoCloud UI. Of course, we would like to take the chance to update you on some interesting events and ongoing activities. We hope you'll find this publication useful and are looking forward to receiving your feedback! Enjoy reading and stay curious!

With best regards,

Dirk Mayer, Software AG
Project Coordinator

Our Project Team

The consortium unites a total of eleven partner organizations from industry and research.


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PrEstoCloud Architecture and Technologies

Function as a Service

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PrEstoCloud can support applications built using the micro-service paradigm and applications following the Function as a Service (FaaS) paradigm through the usage of anonymous (λ - lambda) functions. Towards this PrEstoCloud offers a web-based UI that allows the configuration of application components and functions, and assists users to define and deploy their applications.

PrEstoCloud UI

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Using PrEstoCloud UI we demonstrated how the available forms and the graph editor can be used for defining the application components, for creating the stateless anonymous functions that are used by the application and for setting deployment and scaling requirements of the application. Finally, the usage of IPv6 based networking allowed the creation of a mesh network on resources both at cloud and edge. The application was deployed at cloud and edge resources, and a constant flow of metrics allowed the monitoring and scaling of the application when load was increased.

PrEstoCloud on Tour

PrEstoCloud presentation at KDD in London
The KDD 2018 Project Showcase Track, held on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 in London, offers a full day focused exclusively on innovative projects from national and regional funding programs, as well as corporate, start-up, and nonprofit channels. In the KDD 2018 Project Showcase Track, a poster about the CVS logistic system as a commercially promising PrEstoCloud use case has been demonstrated.

PrEstoCloud at world's largest computer expo CEBIT
From June 11th to 15th PrEstoCloud was presented at the Software AG booth at CEBIT in Hanover, Germany. PrEstocloud was one of the research projects which attracted many visitors of IT industry. A great opportunity to share expert insights into how the game is changing through the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, or Cloud Technologies. Tangible use cases and demos put the future of smart production, energy and logistics directly into one exhibition platform. Tradeshow visitors could also register for various guided tours at the Software AG stand. With the "Experience Everything Tour", people used the tour the get, among other showcases, an overview of research projects like PrEstoCloud. Software AG was also part of one official CEBIT guided tour that helped visitors in getting a good overview of the fair in the shortest time possible. The tour took visitors to the exhibition stands of selected companies including the Software AG booth.

The 2nd special session ISS-CLOUD
PrestoCloud organized successfully the second special session on "Intelligent systems and services for cloud accessible, data-intensive computing, ISS-CLOUD" in the 9th IEEE International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications, in Zakynthos, Greece, 23-25 July 2018.
Accepted papers included works on data recovery and security in cloud applications, fog computing intelligence, distributed complex event processing on clouds, as well as complex pattern classification and high dimensional cloud data analysis. PrestoCloud partners ICCS and UBITECH participated with papers which described works on facilitating situation awareness for pervasive cloud computing infrastructures and on adaptive edge and fog computing for Wide Area Video/Audio Surveillance, respectively.

PrEstoCloud presentation at COMPSAC 2018 in Japan
A joint work between CVS and JSI was successfully presented at COMPSAC 2018 held in Japan, Tokyo. PrEstoCloud project was presented within The 5th IEEE International Workshop on Big Data Management and Infrastructure for the Internet of Things on July 27. The title of the presentation was "Real-time data-intensive Telematics Functionalities at the Extreme Edge of the Network: Experience with the PrEstoCloud Project".

PrEstoCloud meeting in Athens
A PrEstoCloud meeting was held on 16-18 May 2018 in Athens, Greece. Further steps towards project implementation were discussed. A special focus was on use cases and their demonstrations. In particular, a demonstrator with Raspberry PIs, NUCs and VMs was presented.

Upcoming Events

  • Joint Workshop of I-BiDaaS-and PrEstoCloud in Athens
    On October 29, 2018 in Athens, some partners of the Horizon 2020 projects I-BiDaaS and PrEstCloud will meet at a workshop in Athens to explore, discuss and promote coexistence and synergies in the area of Big Data and Cloud technologies and applications. I-BiDaaS is a self-service solution, aiming to empower users to easily utilize and interact with big data technologies by designing, building and demonstrating a unified framework that significantly increases the speed of data analysis while coping with the rate of data asset growth and facilitates cross-domain data-flow towards a thriving data-driven EU economy. Participants will use the opportunity to identify common challenges, create synergies and optimize the research activities of both projects dealing with similar topics.

Dissemination Material

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