The PrEstoCloud architecture has been structured across 5 different layers:

  • The Meta-management layer mainly consists of decision logic capabilities required for enhancing the PrEstoCloud Control layer. Modules of this layer will use as input the situation details, the variation of the Big Data streams and the context of the mobile devices at the extreme edge of the network in order to recommend, at the appropriate time, the necessary adaptations of used resources in the real-time processing network.
  • The Control layer manages resources of the Cloud infrastructure layer and contains modules which will monitor and manage cloud resources capabilities that can be extended to the edge of the network. Moreover, this layer is responsible for the scheduling of big data applications execution over the resources of the real-time processing network. The control layer detects available edge resources. The control layer selects target resources for deployment and plan application scheduling according to the recommendation of the meta management layer.
  • The Cloud infrastructure layer will realize dynamic placement and scheduling capabilities allowing the utilization of the extreme edge of the network, deployed to private clouds, jointly with public clouds. The placement of microservices and application fragments will be handled based on placement constraints reflecting the requirements of the expected behaviour of the application. The infrastructure will realize constraints related to different properties like response time, security constraints or other provider wishes.
  • The Cloud-Edge communication layer contains the inter-site network virtualization for coping with the need of connecting resources situated in multi-cloud environments and managing their orchestration and provisioning across different and heterogeneous providers. This also includes the control of the inter-sites network virtualization process in a secure way. This layer will also relay data streams on and off the PrEstoCloud platform providing standard publish/subscribe event brokering capabilities.
  • The Devices layer consolidates any kind of device that can be used as a Big Data stream source or as a mobile computational node at the extreme edge of the network.