Use cases

Telematics Use Case

Vehicle telematics produce big volumes of multi-modal data; consequently, vehicle management is becoming a highly data-centric task. The major challenges are not in collecting and storing the data, but rather in the fast extraction of useful information and alerts from the data streams to help decision makers (either a driver, a fleet manager or a policy maker) to make the right decisions.
The use case scenario foresees an intelligent system developed on top of the PrEstoCloud infrastructure, deployable in each vehicle, with the following key features:

  • observing the in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle environments, e.g., engine condition,
  • performing real-time analytics and anomaly detection, e.g., abnormal delay in a routine itinerary, and
  • instant alerting drivers and fleet managers on the situations and what decisions should be made, e.g., selecting an alternative route or modifying the itinerary.

The system will enable multi-modal communication through voice and video. Since not all of the data can be processed on the vehicle itself (EDGE component), more demanding processing will be performed on the server/cloud side.

Surveillance Use Case

A security and surveillance solution combines data streams from cameras and pre-processing results from groups of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Surveillance System Overview

Testbed: wide area video surveillance system including static cameras and UAV-based cameras.
Application areas: gather video streams from the cameras, store, and provide security threat notifications in the following cases:

  • perimeter protection violation
  • trespassing of security areas
  • gunshots

Layered Structure:

  1. cloud processing if required based on current workload
  2. edge processing based on Regional Processing Units (RPUs) forming clusters of embedded systems
  3. fog computing with camera-built embedded systems
Regional Processing Unit

Video Analytics: module to run more complex video analytics.
Audio Analytics: module to run more complex audio analytics.
Versatile Media Content Management System: ADITESS solution for the efficient storage, management archiving, processing and logging of multimedia/heterogeneous content through a modular architecture.

RPU Communicator (RCOM):

  • will be designed to receive the Clips from the Embedded Systems, de-encapsulate, forward the contained Clip Object to VMCMS
  • will handle VPN connections directly between the RPU and the Ess or from any intermediate equipment (aggregation of ESs at the edge e.g. building)
Embedded System

ESM: Embedded System Manager

  • controls and coordinates the other ES modules
  • handles the communication between the ES and the RPU

ESCOM: Embedded System Communicator

  • uploads Clips to the RPU
  • initiates VPN connection

CG: Clip Generator

  • encapsulates Clip Data, Clip metadata (Clip Object) and
  • ES Analytics Results in one Clip

SM: Sensors Manager

  • acquires sensors’ data and feeds them to the Analytics
  • clips them by exploiting one of the available encoding schemes

Media Use Case

A media prosumer platform offering personalized and flexible consumption of real-time stories by combining freelance reporting, traditional broadcasting and social media streams.

A live media platform offering personalized and flexible consumption of real-time stories by combining freelance reporting, traditional broadcasting and social media streams.
Service includes contribution, distribution, and management of the service on the cloud.

The contribution part is global from any location in the world,

  • used by either professional broadcasters with LiveU dedicated devices,
  • used by prosumers and consumers using their mobile phones.

A clear need for cloud resources optimization in a dynamic manner.