Technical visions of PrEstoCloud

The PrEstoCloud solution is an innovative dynamic platform for proactive management of cloud-based resources, reaching the extreme edge of the network for efficient real-time Big Data processing frameworks. PrEstoCloud covers the self-adaptation to real-time changes in the execution environment, and cope with dynamics in velocity and variety.

Big Data applications, the ones which exploit edge computing models to analyse the data, need to use lightweight virtualisation such as containers that facilitate development, deployment, instantiation, termination and migration of services are much more non-intrusive and easily consumable with less virtualisation overhead than Virtual Machines (VMs). Unlike VM-based virtualisation, the utilisation of containers does not need to boot up an Operating System (OS) for each container instance. In such modern edge and fog computing frameworks, advanced software engineering approaches tend to employ lightweight microservices regularly packaged into containers to obtain a high degree of deployment, automation, reconfiguration and elasticity of services at runtime.

PrEstoCloud allows for the definition of distribution containerised microservices for proper behaviour of data-intensive cloud-native applications. PrEstoCloud targets enterprises or Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) utilising cloud and edge resources for their data-intensive applications.

Consequently, different technical visions of PrEstoCloud are as follows:

  • For improving Big Data solutions in order to optimise resource utilisation.
  • For the ability to connect to a variety of cloud providers.
  • For personalised innovative services to improve Quality of Service (QoS) of IoT environments.
  • For extending cloud-based solutions and combine them with edge computing model.
  • For driving simplicity, predictability and efficiency of Big Data ecosystems.
  • For removing the complexity of developing and deploying edge computing systems.