Telematics Use Case

A vehicle/fleet management processes real-time information and alerts – based on data streams from GPS, on-board diagnostics, tire sensors and others.

Surveillance Use Case

A surveillance solution combines real-time data streams from cameras and pre-processing results from groups of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Media Use Case

A media prosumer platform offers personalized and flexible consumption of real-time stories by combining freelance reporting, traditional broadcasting and social media streams.

The European Research project PrEstoCloud targets a dynamic and distributed software architecture that manages cloud and fog resources proactively, while reaching the extreme edge of the network for an efficient real-time BigData processing.

Plenary Meeting in Darmstadt
After the successful review in Brussels in September, PrEstoCloud now has tracked the feedback of the reviewers and goes highly motivated and focused into the...
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PrestoCloud & I-BiDaaS common workshop
On October 29, the two H2020 projects PrestoCloud, and I-BiDaaS, organized a common workshop in Athens on the premises of Ubitech. The aim was to...
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PrEstoCloud at M²EC 2019
PrEstoCloud co-organises The International Workshop on Recent Advances for Multi-Clouds and Mobile Edge Computing, M²EC 2019 to be held in conjunction with the 33rd IEEE...
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The first contractual review meeting in the European Commission in Brussels
The first contractual review meeting for the PrEstoCloud project took place in Brussels on 7 September 2018. Similar to the review day last year, the...
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PrEstoCloud presentation at KDD in London on August 22
All is ready for #PrEstoCloud presentation at KDD in London within next 2 weeks. The KDD 2018 Project Showcase Track, held on Wednesday, August 22,...
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The 2nd special session on “ISS-CLOUD”
PrestoCloud organized successfully the second special session on “Intelligent systems and services for cloud accessible, data-intensive computing, ISS-CLOUD” in the 9th IEEE International Conference on...
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The goal of PrEstoCloud is to make substantial research contributions in the Cloud computing and real-time Big Data technologies in order to provide a dynamic, distributed architecture for proactive cloud resources management reaching the extreme edge of the network for efficient real-time big data processing and to deploy and validate it in several challenging, complementary and commercially-very promising use cases.

In particular, PrEstoCloud aims to combine real-time Big Data, Cloud computing and Fog computing research in a unique way in order to provide an innovative solution for, as above elaborated, very complex problem of cloud-based adaptive real-time Big Data processing.