PrEstoCloud project at Big Data Workgroup of Secured Communicating Solutions Cluster

PrEstoCloud project was presented in a event of the Big Data Workgroup in the “Secured Communicating Solution” business Cluster.

This Cluster is certified ‘World Competiveness Cluster” since 2005 and brings players in the field of microelectronics, software, telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies services and uses in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. The cluster has 302 members, encompassing 60,000 ICT jobs.
The SCS Cluster’s Big Data workgroup was created in October 2013 at the instigation of HP. The objective of this GT is to develop the experience and create innovation around Big data:

  • Combining Big Data competencies of the SCS Cluster companies: (Industrial and Academics)
  • Aligning to SCS Cluster Strategy, especially that of the SSA
  • Delivering Architecture papers on Big Data
  • Testing and validating Big Data approach through Proof-of-Concept
  • Supporting emerging Big Data collaborative projects (French and European) with the SCS Cluster

During the meeting of the March 6, 2017, the PrEstoCloud project was presented by ActiveEON (Iyad Alshabani). This event focused on innovation on the Industry 4.0 market and real-time Big Dated processing including Blockchain and Big Data privacy. The motivation and the activities of the project were presented and several business opportunities were discussed.

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